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Designing and Building your new home is often not only a once in a lifetime adventure but it is also a significant long term investment.  Selecting the right builder is a critical first step and it is important not to rush into a decision.  You want a builder that you can trust, that will really listen to you, who has both design and construction credentials, and will be personally and actively involved in the entire process from the first sketch to the final interior finishes.  KEYSTONE HOMES is a family business providing custom design, quality construction, and affordable value for 23 years.  Features unique to Keystone Homes are the Architect directed custom design, scheduling and construction directed by a graduate Construction Manager and consulting on finishes by a member of the team with first hand interior design  experience.  We at Keystone Homes believe that it is important to provide "a seamless project delivery system" with no gaps, no interruptions, and no changing team members during the design and building process . . . from beginning to end we're all family!

New Construction: Features


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New Construction: Portfolio
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